Why George Zimmerman Should Not Go To Jail

Posted on: June 30, 2013

First and foremost, there are a few things that need to be said before I get down to business. Number one is that no one knows what really happened between George Zimmerman and Trayvon Martin except the two involved. The facts and events that I state while giving my opinion are things I’ve either heard/seen on TV, or read in articles from reputable sources. I’ve also been watching the trial relentlessly because it’s the only thing my father will allow on our living room television. So, basically what I’m saying is all I have to go on is what I see and hear. If you’ve heard something different from what I’ve heard, please by all means let me know.

The second thing I want to discuss, and this is VERY difficult for people to comprehend, is about racism. Racism is not an action; it’s a state of mind. There are people out there who say the “N” word like it’s nothing who probably aren’t racist at all; meanwhile someone who has never said the “N” word a day in his life could be sitting at home plotting to kill all the black people on his block. You can never know. What I’m saying is, it’s difficult to prove whether or not someone’s actions were racially motivated, because to hold a prejudice involves no action; it’s entirely a thought process and nothing more.

Which brings me to the third thing I want to preface this with, and this is also difficult for some to process. Being a racist in and of itself is not illegal. Whether or not you think it should be, is irrelevant. It isn’t. If you break the law and a court can prove that your law-breaking was racially motivated (like, for example, you attack a black guy on the street and yell racial slurs at him while you’re beating him) then you’ve committed a crime, and since the crime bears a racial motive behind it, it gets upgraded to a hate crime. BUT, being a racist in your mind, is not – in and of itself – against the law.

Now we can begin. George Zimmerman made a lot of mistakes the night he shot and killed Trayvon Martin. Frankly, I think he should’ve just stayed in his car, called in his sighting of a suspicious youth, and called it a day. But he was somewhat of a vigilante, a wannabe cop out for his chance to make a difference. And make a difference he did. But the question is: did he break the law? I don’t think so.

To make a long story short, since I’m sure all zero people reading this know the tale inside and out, I’ll summarize. Zimmerman was part of a neighborhood watch. He spied what he thought was a suspicious looking youth (Trayvon Martin). He followed this youth to see what he was up to. At some point Trayvon Martin realized he was being followed and decided to confront the follower (George Zimmerman). Once Zimmerman was told by police that following Martin was not necessary, Zimmerman made his way back to his car. But Trayvon allegedly accosted him, questioning him as to why he was following him. Allegedly Trayvon threw the first punch. Witnesses saw Martin on top of Zimmerman, beating him up and banging his head against the concrete. Photographs of Zimmerman after the fact corroborate this story. Also, witnesses nearby heard Zimmerman cry for help. There was not a scratch on Trayvon Martin when his body was examined. It is my opinion that George Zimmerman shot Trayvon Martin in self-defense.

Were Zimmerman’s suspicions of Martin racially biased? I don’t think so, but it doesn’t matter. When he pulled that trigger, he did so because he feared for his own life, not because Trayvon Martin was black. Therefore, race becomes moot. Should Zimmerman have stayed in his car? Of course. Should Trayvon Martin have just gone on his merry way instead of accosting the stranger who was following him? Of course. Both men made egregious errors in judgment that night. But the question is: WHO BROKE THE LAW? The answer is, Trayvon Martin. Once he attacked Zimmerman, he was guilty of assault. And once he was assaulting Zimmerman – and winning – Zimmerman was within his right to defend himself.

What’s really sad about this case is that if these two men hadn’t been so hell-bent on playing the role of the ‘tough guy’ that night, Trayvon Martin would still be alive, and George Zimmerman wouldn’t be on trial for his life.


1 Response to "Why George Zimmerman Should Not Go To Jail"

Well, you left out a few facts related to the circumstances to this case.

First of all, the scenario that you play out in your post takes every word that Zimmerman has said to be true which we know is not the case. What exactly made Trayvon Martin “suspicious”? Considering he was doing nothing but walking home in the rain. Also, you fail to mention that Trayvon actually ran from Zimmerman and Zimmerman continued to follow and actually chased Trayvon down. It is so funny to me how people fail to acknowledge the fact that Trayvon Martin did not know who this man was stalking him, by his own admission Zimmerman DID NOT identify himself, and Trayvon Martin had the same right that Zimmerman is claiming of self-defense in this situation. Maybe Trayvon did get the best of Zimmerman at some point in the scuffle, but if I were Trayvon Martin in this situation, I would be fighting for my life. My right to STAND MY GROUND when being followed by a “suspicious” person (Zimmerman). Zimmerman was actually the suspicious one! Also another eye witness said that she saw Zimmerman on top so apparently there was wrestling and rolling around in the scuffle. Also, Zimmerman’s injuries ARE NOT LIFE THREATENING! He needed a Wet-Nap and a couple of Band-Aids. He returned to work the next day. He has lied several times changing his story. He profiled Trayvon, approached him, either initiated physical contact or provoked Trayvon thinking that he could subdue him, Trayvon in fear of this man fought for his life, and Zimmerman pulled his loaded gun and shot this child. He could have at anytime during the scuffle shout out who he was, he could have pulled the gun and not fired, he could have shot Trayvon to wound and not kill him. Or better yet, he could have let the police do their job and stay in his lane as Block Watch Captain or whatever and called in what he thought to be suspicious and let the police handle it. If he would have even stayed in his car and continued to follow
Trayvon for a few more minutes, he would have seen Trayvon walk into the home that his father and stepmother paid for and live just like Zimmerman and his family. I do not believe that Zimmerman set out to kill Trayvon that night but I absolutely believe that he was doing WAY TOO MUCH that night and he should be held accountable. Second degree murder…Aggravated battery at the very least…ACQUITTAL-NO WAY, NO HOW!

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